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The top brick producer in the world in terms of quality and production capacity.


Industrial and modern production of building façade, paving, bricks with the latest technology in the world.


• Continuous increase of product quality according to international standards
• Development and production of new and up-to-date products in different colors and dimensions in accordance with the development of the brick industry and the construction industry in the world
• Development of the domestic market by increasing customer access across the country
• Improving the network of sales representatives in all parts of the country
• Improving non-oil exports through product exports and developing trade relations with other five continents
• Commissioning and operation of factory No. 5 in Europe (Germany)
• Training of efficient and specialized personnel in order to improve the human resources development index
• Customer orientation and improving the consumer satisfaction index
• Continuous and purposeful research and development in order to meet the changing needs of customers
• Motivate staff and involve them in advancing the company’s goals
• Improving production processes with the aim of reducing waste and increasing productivity
• Development and planning for green production with the aim of protecting the environment
• %100 planning and implementation of the Total Quality Management Process (TQM)


The International Group of Azarakhsh intl. group of Factories, with the help of God Almighty, the assistance of active personnel and specialists, and the exploitation of its exclusive mines and the use of the highest quality raw materials for the production of brick materials. In order to create stable foreign exchange earnings for the country, in 1997, it established its first unit factory with an annual capacity of 15,000 tons of premium materials and facade bricks in Shokoohieh Qom Industrial City under the name of “Azarakhsh Qom façade brick Production Company’’

The number two unit of this factory or second factory established in 2002 with the name of “Azarakhsh Company of Qom brick Products” with the most advanced machines in the world with an annual capacity of 18,000 tons of various types of bricks was built in the industrial city of Mahmood abad in Qom.

After various international marketing, Azarakhsh built its number three unit or its 3rd factory in 2008 under the name of “International Company of Azarakhsh bricks & Ceramics” with an annual capacity of 60,000 copies of paving and façade bricks.

Azarakhsh International Group is currently the largest producer of brick products of durable building facades with excellent and similar exterior in the Middle East, and is the only producer of many types of different bricks in the world.

This group thinks about the promotion and upliftment of our dear homeland in order to develop the export and currency and also for entrepreneurship in the country, and for its lofty goals, established its number four unit or its 4th factory in Mahmoud Abad industrial town of Qom. This unit produces an area of 60,000 sqm/month with an annual capacity of 360,000 tons.

Quality charter of Azarakhsh organization

• Improving the culture of using bricks in the facades of buildings
• Maintaining production efficiency in line with the highest production capacity in the Middle East
• Increasing the spirit of customer orientation and organizational participation at all levels of personnel
• Increase discipline and collective participation of staff
• Improving vertical and horizontal communication at the organizational level by participating in review meetings and consensus of senior managers
• Provide the most complete and best information about technical services and installation design until the final stage of implementation
• Effective and efficient follow-up from the time of sale until the end of the customers’ project
• Reduce manpower error by using targeted, clear and comprehensive practical instructions
• Increase work efficiency by holding regular training courses

Azarakhsh International Group of Brick Factories has four well-equipped and advanced brick factories.

Azarakhsh International Group of Brick Factories

Factory Number One

Azarakhsh Brick Industrial Production Company of Qom

This factory is equipped with granulation, pressing, baking and packaging units. The quality control and analysis laboratory unit, automatic presses with capacities of 400 to 980 tons and shuttle furnaces with capacities of 50 to 100 are among the other facilities equipped by this factory.

Factory Number Two

Azarakhsh Refractory Products Company of Qom

This factory, in addition to having an advanced granulation unit, has 12 hydraulic presses with capacities of 980 to 1400 tons. 5 wagon shuttle furnace equipment with a capacity of more than 200 tons is also equipped with other facilities of this factory.

Azarakhsh International Group of Brick Factories

Factory Number Three

Azarakhsh International Refractory Ceramics Company

This factory has advanced and specialized systems for crushing, grain and mills of qubits, jaws and blades, rotary kilns and automatic machines in all stages of preparation of raw materials, as well as advanced delivery machines. They count.

This factory has been able to offer various products by using 14 automatic hydraulic press machines of the Italian company SACMI with a capacity of 1400 tons and also an automatic tunnel furnace.

Azarakhsh International Group of Brick Factories

Factory Number Four

Azarakhsh International BRICK Industries Development Company

This factory is the most modern production line of façade AND paving bricks, equipped with the latest technology in the world. The factory established in 2018 and uses automatic and robotic facilities in all stages and production processes from granulation to mill, hydraulic presses, dryers, roller furnaces and packing machines, and with a production capacity of more than 200,000 brick pcs per day, is one of the largest Brick factories have established in the world.

In this collection, using the most efficient laboratory methods and research and development, bricks are produced in a single color and randomly in different dimensions and sizes to meet all tastes and market needs. This collection has been able to take a big step in fulfilling the needs, tastes and satisfaction of different classes and customers…

Azarakhsh International Group of Brick Factories