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  • Desirable Products

    Variety in colors combination, having high thermal density (tolerance of high cold and high heat) without deformation and cracking, soundproof insulation and heatproof insulation up to 1400 degrees Celsius

  • Eco-friendly

    Compatibility in all climates (from coldest to hottest and wettest), resistant to acid rain, resistant to sandstorms, scorching sun rays and sun light, resistant to desert temperature shocks and sudden temperature changes between night and day

  • Leader in the construction industry

    Inventor of firebrick production method for building facades, implementation of more than two million successful and sustainable projects throughout Iran and all over the world, top manufacturer and top exporter of bricks to five continents. Azarakhsh proudly export its goods all over the world

  • The greatest producer of bricks in the Middle East

    Having 4 active production factories, with a capacity of more than 400 thousand pcs brick bar per day and variety of more than 1000 registered product codes, various dimensions to suit any taste and demand

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5 Reasons to choose bricks in our living environment

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Interview with Mohammad Ali Seifi Kashani

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