Why brick is a popular material for environmentalists?

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brick is a popular material for environmentalists


If someone around you is an environmentalist, you must know that they prefer bricks to any material. It is true that this material is the priority of these people. But have you ever asked them what are the reasons for this? Don’t worry, we will tell you the reasons here.

Brick has been able to attract the attention of every person with every taste. This unique material with its unique features has also attracted the positive opinions of environmentalists. In fact, this material is one of the first priority choices of these people.

For this purpose, we will start with a brief explanation about environmentalists.


brick is a popular material for environmentalists



Environmentalists are those who support the environmental movement and believe in the philosophy of environmentalism. This motion as its shown by its name, includes measures to preserve the environment and natural resources. These people know all human as a member of the ecosystem and consider his duty to protect it.


Reasons for the popularity of bricks among environmentalists

As mentioned, brick is one of the priorities of people whose goal is to protect the environment and natural resources. The following 5 reasons for brick becoming the first choice of these people.

  • Insulation
  • Made by natural mineral materials
  • Recyclability (GREEN materials)
  • Not made by chemicals
  • Minimum waste generation



Buildings which covered by bricks are highly efficient in terms of energy consumption. As mentioned earlier in the article, the effect of brick facades on reducing energy consumption has the characteristic of “thermal mass”. This property proves the ability of a heavy and dense substance of a building material in compare with the others to store heat and then gradually release it.

Due to this feature, brick has the property of insulation. As it traps heat on hot summer days and keeps the house cool. Also, on cold days, it has exactly the same function visa versa and keeps the house warm. Therefore, it is possible to prevent outside temperature fluctuations by using a brick wall.


brick is a popular material for environmentalists


Made by natural mineral materials

The main element of brick is soil, which is one of the most abundant materials in nature. For this reason, the process of converting soil into clay can be possible in a short time and with available materials.


Recyclability (GREEN materials)

Bricks can be reused many times because of their inherent strength. In the reconstruction of buildings, the used bricks can be use again in another part and even in the production process, new products can be produced from its waste. The interesting point here is that even if it is destroyed and broken, it turns into soil and returns to the environment.


brick is a popular material for environmentalists


Not made by chemicals

Due to their high durability, bricks require maintenance over a long period of time. In fact, all that is needed to maintain it is to clean it once in a while, which is possible even with water and without disinfectant materials.

Due to the fact that bricks have different properties from other building materials, they do not need to be painted and being naturally waterproof. The remains of old brick buildings thousands of years ago are a clear proof of this mater.


Minimum waste generation

Bricks are sustainable products that are used over and over again in the production process, and interestingly, they do not leave any leftover and thus do not cause any harm to the environment.


brick is a popular material for environmentalists


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