We try to maximize the culture of using the face brick as a permanent element in our society

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Interview with Mohammad Ali Seifi Kashani


From many years ago, the pavilion 38 in Tehran Int’l Ground Fair has accustomed to Azarakhsh Co. At the entrance of the pavilion there is booth that you can see many inscriptions which are expressing the beautifulness of our products.
Some people may think that they are watching a wall paper, but actually it a brick. In this due, there was an opportunity to have an interview with Eng. Mohammad Seifi Kashani.
Here you can see the entire interview.


Q: Azarakhsh has allocated the biggest pavilion to itself as usual and participated with the maximum number of its experts. There was one important point in this exhibition that many tables were allocated to visitors to come, sit, enjoy and get further information about our products. In this due, why you attend at this big fair, when there are lots of customers looking for your products in and out of the country?


A: As you know, it is about many years that we have got a good position in this industry and got to the equilibrium point in our company’s economy. Of course, there has always been more demand than supply, but it is not the end, the main point is that we are caring about the customer’s taste, CRM and introducing the new products to our customers And as you know, as a manufacturing company we are always checking the fluctuation of the market just to cope with it. It is a phenomenon that we are facing with that about a year. In this due, there is no limitation to increase the level of qualification of CRM. As you know we respect our customers and we try to maximize the culture of using the face brick as a permanent element in our society.


Q: We know that Azarakhsh is popular due to its producing a fine porcelain and brick face in Middle East. We would like to know the number of your staff in you big company?


A: As you know, in private sector, the subject of professional human resources has always been a matter of discussion, but there is framework for human resources management in our company. For your information, there about 600 staff directory involved in the production and in the administrative affairs and about 5000 people are somehow affiliated indirectly with our company. In this due and in the current economical situation in our country, we are still keeping up the production and it is very important for all of us.


Q: Ok, let’s know that what is the result of this cooperation with much of staff? I mean how many Projects were the result of this cooperation?


A: I am proud to advise you that there are more than 1 million finished projects in and out of Iran using our products and it is pretty considerable that during the last years our products were exported to many countries and we have decided to increase the level of our export to other countries after the JCPA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action). And there is also a good news for our customers until the end of 2017.


Q: Regarding the item of export what is a turning point in the world for all the producers. How your company got to this fruitful point?


A: In this due, there are two main points, one is the variety and the second one is the higher quality and no need to say that there is a reasonable price. We are producing about 1200 different models for multiple purposes with variety of colors and sizes from white to black, just to satisfy the tastes of our customers. Cost accounting in the world and in our country has always been a main factor. We have tried to employ and use the state-of-the-art technology and the enjoying the advisory from the modern north European companies in this industry, not only to reduce the expenses of production, but also to satisfy the vast tastes of the end users for interior and landscape.
That’s why we have gained the int’l popularity, just because of respecting the local customers which paved the way to the int’l market.


Thursday 2016/3/10

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